About Us

About Goddess Zee and the inspiration for this store.   

I am an Energy healer, Reiki Master, divine intuit, spiritual advisor, podcast host, blogger and just all-around passionate about mind, body spirit healing integration. I started my spiritual studies over 17 years ago. I dedicated my life to holistic studies and practice after my husband transitioned and  I learned from a variety of indigenous cultures and many teachers along the way. 7 years ago my Goddess journey really began as I began to study Tantra which is a form of yoga. I really started to tap into the divine aspects of my femininity this healed me in so many ways that transformed me and I wanted to share that with other women to help them tap into their Goddess Expressions.

In this store, you will find products like waist beads, yoni steams, organic detox tea, and weight loss supplements for men and women as well as spiritual consultations and tarot readings. Spiritual treatments and energy healing sessions coming soon.

Happy Journey!